Installing and Building e4Graph on Win32 Systems

This page explains how to install and use the prebuilt distributions for Win32 systems, and how to build e4Graph from source on Win32 systems.

Using the Prebuilt Distribution on Win32 Systems

The prebuilt distributions have the following directory structure:

The e4Graph DLL files were compiled in release mode with Visual C++ 6.0. If you intend to To use this pre-built distribution of e4Graph in another project that you build from source, you need to have Visual C++ 6.0 installed on your system. If you intend to use the Tcl or Python binding, you only need to do the first step in the list below. If you want to use e4Graph from Java, do the first two steps in the list below. To use e4Graph in a project that you will build from source, do the following:

Building e4Graph from Source and Using it

Assume that e4Graph sources are in c:\e4graph-1.0a11. The e4Graph source distribution expects to find the source distribution of Metakit in c:\metakit- Optionally, it expects to find the Tcl 8.4 binary distribution for Win32 systems in c:\tcl8.4, the Python binary distribution in c:\python-2.2.3, and the Expat distribution in c:\expat-1.95.7. If you're building the Java binding, the J2SDK 1.4.1 should be in c:\j2sdk1.4.1_01.

The source distribution is configured this way because I expect that most developers wanting to use e4Graph also build Metakit from source. However, often it is OK to use binary distributions for Tcl and Expat, and for Java only binary distributions are available.

Before building e4Graph, you need to build Metakit with Visual C++ 6.0, which must be installed on your system. Build the mksrc project. If you want to build the XML related facilities, the source code for Expat must be installed in c:\expat-1.95.7. You should build expat prior to using it in a build of e4Graph.

First build Metakit, and optionally Expat, from their sources. Then open the e4Graph workspace c:\e4graph-1.0a11\all\all.dsw in Visual C++ 6.0 and select from the following sub-projects of e4Graph (you should use the release configuration for optimal performance and you can use the debug configuration if you want to use the debugger to step into e4Graph sources):

NOTE: Please use the e4graph\all\win32\vc60\all.dsw C++ workspace to build all targets, and do not use individual project files found in each subdirectory. This will ensure that your build gets passed global parameters that are common to all projects, such as where to find the Metakit libraries needed to link, etc. If you use individual project files directly, you may get incorrect or obsolete settings for these parameters. I'm investigating how to fix this so that you get the right parameters even when you use individual project files, but it's not a very high priority task compared to other problems that must be solved, so I cannot promise to fix this.

The products of these build targets are left in c:\e4graph-1.0a11\builds\win32\.

To learn how to use the e4Graph sub-packages you just built in your own projects, read this section, treating c:\e4graph-1.0a11\builds\win32\ as the root directory of a prebuilt distribution.